Liaison Express LLC: Bridging Language Barriers, Filling Document Needs
With a robust 13 years of experience in notary public, document
transla=on, and document filling, Liaison Express LLC stands as a
dedicated small business commiOed to serving individuals seeking
document transla=on services, notary public assistance, resume wri=ng,
small business set up counseling, and document filling for various
purposes, including immigra=on, job applica=ons, college applica=ons,
insurance, and more.
Specializing in English, French, and Hai=an Creole transla=ons, we
proudly offer comprehensive language support with our slogan “Your
Trusted Source for Notary, Filing, and Transla8on Services”.

“Nou bay sevis tradiksyon Kreyol – Anglè – Fransè. Ou bezwen ranpli
tout kalite aplikasyon ak notarye dokiman nou ka ede w.”
While we are not a legal firm and do not provide legal advice, our
services encompass transla=on, notary public, immigra=on form filling,
resume wri=ng, and small business setup counseling.
At Liaison Express LLC, our mission is to assist and empower individuals
in fulfilling their documenta=on needs.
It’s essen=al to recognize that for legal advice or representa=on,
seeking the guidance of a qualified lawyer is crucial. Trust Liaison
Express LLC for reliable and professional services tailored to your
language and documenta=on requirements.